Where to find the best Belgian Waffles in Brussels?

  Many people have asked me that question while in Brussels or just by email in the past years. So I have decided to write a page about it, and add any useful information about Belgian waffles, enjoy!

First of all, you need to know that Belgium doesn't have one but two famous typical waffles. One is the Waffle of the South of Belgium (city of Liege or Luik) and the other one is from the "North" of Belgium, the Brussels Waffle.
In the World you will find many other types of Waffles, like the Swedish one for example that takes the shape of a heart. In The Nederlands they have the Stroopwafel that is a yummy combination of sirop (stroop) and thin soft waffle.

The Liege Waffle (street waffle in English)
  That's probably the most famous one, this snack -we don't have waffles for breakfast in Belgium- is made of fresh yeast and pearls of sugar (sucre perle) that will slowly caramelize while cooking in the iron. The Liege Waffle is always eaten plain, we don't put toppings on it since it is already sweet.

The Brussels Waffle
  The Brussels waffle is really different from the street waffle. First, its not sweet, we use so little sugar in the batter than it doesn't taste sweet. Second characteristic that differentiate this waffle is its crispiness, because of that we need to eat that waffle straight away, off the iron and warm. Indeed the crispiness goes away really fast and that waffle cannot be re-heated as the center of the waffle needs to stay fluffy and nice, warming up the brussels waffle would either make it crispy inside out (you lose the fluffy part) either completely fluffy using a microwave over.

You will learn all this and much more taking the Waffle Workshop in Brussels. But most important part, you will taste probably the best waffles ever!

Where to buy the best Brussels Waffles
  As far as I know, there are 2 good cafes where you can find good Brussels Waffles. One is called the Maison Dandoy its located Rue Charles Buls, 2 (that's nearby the Grand Place) and the other place is called the Mokafe you can find it inside the St-Hubert's Galeries. Just do a quick search on Google to check what people say about those waffles!!!

  To hear more about Belgian Waffles, taste the probably the best ones in town and most importantly learn how to make our original Brussels Waffles, join our daily workshop every day in Brussels. More info here.

I wish you a pleasant stay in Brussels, if you have any question about Waffles or the workshop, check out our FAQ section or feel free to send me an email.

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Make sure you eat fresh waffles and not the ones baked yesterday! Join our Waffle workshop and learn how to make your own from scratch without chemicals nor preservatives.
Waffles are by nature vegetal but you can also prepare milk free, gluten free and vegan waffles!

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